About Us

Challenge Coins, founded in 2011, is a company, as it’s name says, focused on the design and production of so-called “challenge coins”. What for many years has been a great success in America has become a reality in Europe. My name is Kees Poelma and I am the owner of the Challenge Coins company. During my service at the Royal Marechaussee (National Police) and the MFO (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), I was allowed to participate in nine different police peace missions including missions for the MFO, the United Nations, the WEU (Western European Union), the EUPOL (European Union Police Missions), NATO, the EGF (European Gendarmerie Force) and the EUMM (European Union Monitoring Mission). These were fantastic times that I would gladly do again. During these missions I regularly received these “challenge coins”, a wonderful souvenir and “Symbol of Unity”. Since starting my business, the focus has been on designing and producing these coins. And of course, quality comes first.